Silver lined glass beaded Bracelets

Create your very own Kumihimo silver lined glass beaded bracelet. There are lots of possible colour combinations to create the bracelet you’ll love. Hopefully I have found a way that makes it easy for you to select your favourite colours and a fastening to compliment the finished bracelet. You will need to measure your wrist and select the required size. If you don’t have a tape measure the easiest way to measure your wrist is to take a length of cord or string, basically anything that is long(ish) and flexible and wrap it around your wrist. Where the two ends meet, hold that point then place the measured length against a ruler. Small: 15-18 cm (6-7 inches). Medium: 19-21 cm (7.5-8 inches). Large: 22-23 cm (8.5-9 inches). Extra Large: 24-26 cm (9.5-10 inches)

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